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Our lawyers represent a wide range of clients worldwide, including established multinational public corporations, emerging start-up and scale-up enterprises, investment funds, financial institutions, private equity, governments, educational institutions, and nonprofit entities. The firm applies a flexible, business-focused, and entrepreneurial approach to providing sophisticated legal services and solutions seamlessly across jurisdictions.

Entering a business transaction, whether buying or selling, requires careful attention to legal matters to ensure a smooth process. Legal aspects are critical in protecting your rights and interests and ensuring a fair deal.

Incorporating your business in the United States can provide significant legal and financial benefits, such as liability protection and potential tax advantages. While foreign companies could conduct business in the US without forming a new US entity, it is essential to be aware of the legal and tax implications associated with doing so. This guide outlines the considerations and steps necessary to form a corporate entity in the US.

Careful planning is important and engaging experienced counsel in the early phases of formation can help avoid costly legal and tax problems later. Note that laws and rules change frequently in the dynamic US legal system.

Immigration laws in the US are subject to an ever-changing environment of, regulatory action, legislative reform, and presidential/executive approach. Seeking professional advice should be an essential part of an entrepreneurial plan. Our lawyers are well-versed in the complexity of US immigration process and will provide guidance in the planning and strategy, visa selection, and documentation and submission. In this document, we present an overview of US immigration law and outline various forms of US working visas.

It is understandable that most newer business owners (and even some seasoned business owners) don’t fully realize the importance of owning federal trademarks. This note, while just touching the surface, highlights the sharpest potential impact of not protecting your brands and products.

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