How to Register a Company in the U.S.

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Creating a new business entity by registering your company in the U.S. offers many advantages, but how you register your business matters, as it can have lasting effects on your success. When done correctly, registering your company in the U.S. can maximize your benefits.

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Tips to Register a Company in the U.S. (+ The Best States to Own a Business)

Select a Name

You can’t register a company in the U.S. without first deciding on a name. The U.S. has specific rules and regulations regarding the names of businesses. Before deciding on a title for your company, you’ll need to confirm that it’s unique. You can search state government databases and federally registered trademarks to see if your preferred name is available.

A good business name will be easy to remember but different enough from other companies so you won’t have to compete to rank in search engine results. You should also consider the availability of URLs with your business name during the selection process.

Determine Business Entity Type

Your business entity type determines the legal structure for your business. The two most common business entity types are a limited liability company (LLC) and a corporation (C-Corp or S-Corp.) If your business has foreign ownership, the business entities you can register are limited. Consult with a legal professional, such as the international business lawyers at Rooney Nimmo, to determine the best business entity for you.

Choose Which State to Register in

Business entities are always formed under state law. However, you do not need to have a physical presence in a state to register a business there. This makes it critical to understand the differences in how state laws affect your business.

If your company will only do business within one state, it makes sense to register the company in that state. Any tax advantages will be lost to increased costs and paperwork you need to complete. However, if your business is spread over multiple or all states, you should choose the state that offers the most advantages for your company.

Best States to Own a Business

These states offer low corporate tax rates, high rates of investment capital, and a favorable environment for registering a business:

  • Rhode Island
    The smallest of the United States, Rhode Island has the second-highest number of corporate headquarters locations. It has a reasonable business tax burden of just over 10%.
  • Delaware
    Delaware offers some of the lowest filing fees, making it the cheapest state to register a business. It has many other favorable business laws, including low taxes and a separate business court system.
  • Nevada
    If you choose to register your business entity here, you won’t pay any state taxes—resulting in a low corporate tax rate. Nevada offers strong privacy protections, which is attractive to some business owners.
  • Wyoming
    The state of Wyoming has a long history of offering economic incentives to entrepreneurs. It has one of the lowest annual filing fees and does not charge corporate state income tax.

Let Us Help You Register Your U.S. Company Today

At this point, you have several important decisions to make before you register a company in the U.S. Receive expert guidance and assistance every step of the way. Consult with the team at Rooney Nimmo today for a personalized action plan for your U.S.-inbound business.

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