How to Choose an M&A Investment Bank

How to Choose an M&A Investment Bank

Last month, we shared our top tips for selecting an experienced international M&A lawyer for your global business. Today, we’ll expand upon this topic by exploring how to select a premier M&A investment bank to achieve your company’s business objectives.

Here are the top things to consider when choosing an investment bank for your domestic or cross-border merger or acquisition, and how Rooney Nimmo can help your company navigate the entire transaction with ease.

Selecting the Best M&A Investment Bank for Your Business

Once you’ve chosen a skilled M&A lawyer to work with, you’ll want to consult with them for guidance during the deal. Keeping your goals in mind, your M&A lawyer can help you select the best investment bank for your merger or acquisition.

When choosing one, there are five critical factors to consider:

  • Does the bank have experience across a range of industries? Make sure that the bank you choose offers services in the areas you wish to target.
  • Are they flexible in their transaction process? If not, does their transaction process benefit your company?
  • How big is the bank? Bigger isn’t always better. Some companies may benefit from partnering with a “boutique” bank instead of a larger firm.)
  • Do you feel like the team at the investment bank is a good fit for your company? The best M&A investment bank will be compatible with your business values and goals.
  • Can the investment bank work internationally? If your company is global, you’ll need a bank with international experience.

If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions, ask your M&A lawyer for further advice.

Connecting with a Like-minded M&A Investment Bank

At Rooney Nimmo, our personality-driven firm works hard to get great results. We not only help our clients every step of the way during a merger or acquisition; we also help them satisfy their business objectives by tapping into our powerful international network. We’re proud to have developed great relationships with boutique investment banks and can introduce you to like-minded firms that will help you achieve your business goals.

Trust Rooney Nimmo for M&A Guidance

As a driven, flexible, and entrepreneurial team, Rooney Nimmo knows how to get things done. Our transatlantic boutique law firm demonstrates a wealth of legal experience across several countries—including the USA and the UK. With offices and affiliations across the globe, from China to San Francisco, and a powerful network of M&A investment banks, we can help you efficiently accomplish your next international merger or acquisition. Contact us today to find out how we can connect you to a bank that meets your needs.

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