How to Choose an International M&A Lawyer

How to Choose an International M&A Lawyer

Suppose you’re looking to expand your business internationally and are considering making an acquisition. In that case, it’s essential to work with a mergers and acquisitions lawyer who has extensive experience working with companies around the world. Additionally, you’ll want to work with an M&A lawyer you can trust to guide your company throughout the deal’s duration successfully.

To choose the best international M&A lawyer for your business, look for experience, professionalism, and a personal connection. Most importantly, ensure that the firm you choose is compatible with your business values and offers services in the areas you wish to target.

Keep reading to find out why Rooney Nimmo should be your first call.

Why Global Businesses Need an International M&A Lawyer

An international M&A law firm, Rooney Nimmo has a results-driven team of corporate lawyers who are experienced in both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. Our global business attorneys counsel US and global corporations (as buyers or sellers), significant shareholders, and private equity backers on all aspects of the M&A process. This includes corporate finance, antitrust, employment, executive retention, intellectual property, and tax matters.

Clients turn to Rooney Nimmo not only for our experience, but also for our trustworthiness and transparency, international knowledge, access to senior counsel, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our firm was founded by an entrepreneur who was once in your shoes, making us uniquely qualified to provide guidance to both startups and established businesses. We’re also able to counsel our clients on integrating companies, as we have a strong understanding of the cultural and legal differences between the US and UK. Additionally, when you meet with the Rooney Nimmo team, you’ll see how our flexible, business-focused approach allows us to provide sophisticated legal services and solutions across jurisdictions—seamlessly, efficiently, and reliably.

Uniquely intricate issues may arise during domestic and cross-border transactions, requiring the meticulous, solution-oriented counsel of a skilled M&A lawyer. When choosing a lawyer, several services should be on your priority checklist. Below are the top services global businesses should look for from an international M&A lawyer.

Pre-Sale Preparations

An essential first step during the process, your M&A lawyer will help you get your business ready for sale. During this pre-sale period, our team will take the time to organize your books and necessary paperwork and determine the financial value of your company.

Letter of Intent Guidance

Next, our firm can help you prepare a letter of intent. The letter of intent (LOI) is an essential step in the M&A process, and (although non-binding) sets out the terms and conditions for your sale. Both you and the buyer must sign it. At Rooney Nimmo, our M&A team will help ensure that your LOI is favorable to your company.

Due Diligence

After signing the LOI, the buyer must perform due diligence. This practice requires an examination of financial records prior to entering a proposed transaction with another party.

During this step, Rooney Nimmo will guide you through the process of selling, helping you locate and distribute relevant information to the buyer.

Purchase Agreement Discussion

If the buyer is satisfied with the sale after doing their due diligence, your M&A lawyer can then discuss a purchase agreement with the buyer. This is one of the most important steps, so it’s essential to have a top legal team like Rooney Nimmo advising you.

Post-Sale Support

Even after the agreement is signed, your M&A lawyer can provide guidance by helping you create the best tax structure for maximum profit, craft compensation plans for your employees and executives, and help you integrate your company with a buyer’s.

In addition, if your business operates in more than one jurisdiction, your international M&A lawyer will help you navigate different laws and closing regulations.

Choosing The Best International M&A Lawyer For Your Company

At Rooney Nimmo, our mission is to do the simple things more efficiently and the difficult things more intelligently. Our friendly, flexible, and entrepreneurial team demonstrates a wealth of legal experience across several countries—including the USA and the UK. We have offices and affiliations across the globe, from China to San Francisco, and can guide your mergers and acquisitions with ease. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how we can help your business grow internationally.

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