Guidelines for US Inbound Businesses [2021 Edition]

Guidelines for US Inbound Businesses [2021 Edition]

Many companies want to establish a foothold in the US, to create connections with other businesses and reach the sizeable American consumer base. However, regulations concerning non-citizens working in the US change regularly, and US inbound businesses must stay up-to-date on the applicable legislation to avoid fines and legal problems.

At Rooney Nimmo, our lawyers can ensure you follow all the regulations laid out by the US Government for foreign business owners, even when they change.

How US Inbound Services Can Help Your Business Move

Having a foothold in the US business market isn’t always easy, especially in recent years. In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting governmental measures devastated the US and world economies, and federal policies frequently changed regarding working visas and immigration.

In January, a new president took office while the virus continues to prompt economic shutdowns. With the change in leadership, regulations regarding foreign companies in the US may change significantly.

Running your business is already a large time commitment, and you may be unable to keep track of all the changes in US regulations. Working with a law firm experienced in the US inbound process means you won’t miss deadlines with your visa or fail to update your status after a change in regulations.

Our team can also keep you informed about any tax changes, whether your business is eligible for past or upcoming stimulus checks, or if you can benefit from government aid or loans to help with economic struggles caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a cross-border law firm, Rooney Nimmo can help ensure you comply with regulations on both sides of the Atlantic. In this increasingly globalized economy, our services are essential for US inbound businesses.

Planned Changes in 2021

Although not set in stone, we expect that the new President will alter several travel restrictions put in place by the previous administration. Current restrictions – particularly on the H1-B visa program, which is essential for those wishing to work in the tech industry – were tightened, in part, in response to the Coronavirus crisis in 2020.

The Department of Labor has recently introduced changes to the caps on the H1-B visas, increasing the salary requirement offered to applicants and changing the way in which applications are selected for review.

Although the new administration has expressed that it wishes to change the E-2 visa requirements, which helps facilitate US inbound businesses, Congress needs to act, which could take some time.

Rooney Nimmo is committed to staying informed on all planned and possible changes and how that could affect your business in the United States.

We also have offices in the UK and closely monitor any new agreements between the US and the UK in the wake of Brexit to ensure that our British clients can continue working in the US.

How Rooney Nimmo Can Help You

At Rooney Nimmo, we have experienced lawyers worldwide, including in the US, the UK, Hong Kong, and China. Besides offering extensive US inbound services, we can also make introductions and send referrals to help you expand your business and achieve your goals.

Contact us today, and our team will be in touch soon to arrange an initial consultation, where we can learn more about your business, and you can discover how we can help you grow.

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