Cross Border Transactions: Tax and Banking

Cross Border Transactions: Tax and Banking

What Are Cross Border Transactions?

In an increasingly globalized economy, businesses must now consider local, national, and international laws with respect to their operations. Cross border transactions, in particular, can be complex and tricky to handle on your own, requiring the skill and experience of a trusted international corporate attorney.

Cross border transactions include a range of activities, from cross-border M&A to transfers of intellectual property and beyond. Furthermore, these international transactions may result in cross border payments, or transactions where the payee and transaction recipient are based in separate countries that don’t necessarily share a border. These payments can lead to a slew of intricate legal and financial considerations for your company, including tax issues.

It’s important to work with experienced counsel who can help your company navigate new territory. As a business owner looking to operate in multiple jurisdictions, you need an experienced international law firm like Rooney Nimmo on your side. Read our infographic to learn everything you need to know about cross border transactions, then call our New York office at (212) 545-8022 to schedule a consultation.

Navigate Cross Border Transactions with Rooney Nimmo

Rooney Nimmo is a boutique transatlantic law firm specializing in international corporate legal affairs, including cross border transactions. Contact our firm or email Founding Partner Allan Rooney today to discover how our legal services can help support your business abroad.

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