A Digital Financial Future

On 19 November, we hosted an event at Barclays Rise in London entitled ‘A Digital Financial Future.’ During the half day session, we convened discussions on creating value for emergent FinTech technologies, using ICOs to protect innovation, and the future of digital finance.  We heard the views of several financial services and technology professionals and a keynote address by Professor George Walker, Houblon Norman Fellow, Bank of England and Consultant to World Bank, IMF, and Asia Development Bank and had the following takeaways:

  1. Not all funds are fun to have and entrepreneurs and startups should carefully consider whether a specific investor is the right match for them;
  2. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), specifically securities token offerings (STOs), and crowdfunding may be able to play a greater role in bridging a financing gap for entrepreneurs and startups; and
  3. Significant global legal and regulatory uncertainty remain, not only in terms of ICOs and innovative cryptoassets, but also in relation to the information, data and knowledge societies presently being created and developed.


At the conclusion of the event, we introduced the Rooney Nimmo ICO Guide, which provides practical advice on the ICO process and things you should consider before embarking on an initial coin offering.

If you are considering an ICO and would like have an initial consultation or have any questions, we would love to hear from you.  You can reach us here.


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